Home Talk: Creating a Home Space You'll Love

My grandmother was the first collector I knew. At that time, she wasn’t collecting what we would consider vintage. She was collecting pieces from her time that she thought was pretty. I remember that she had this china cabinet and in it held what I thought were some of her best pieces. Every now and then she would let me clean them. I would take every piece out, exam them for chips and scratches, and dust them off. And when I thought she wasn’t looking, I would play with them. I’m sure my grandmother knew what I was doing, but she encouraged me to play and dream and be creative. In many ways, she encouraged my path to entrepreneurship. My time with the china cabinet helped me form some of my fondest, most impactful childhood memories.

The Mad (Wo)Men Home Collection
Houses are not just shelters. They are places where we should be challenged and encouraged to become the best versions of ourselves. Sure, everyone wants a beautiful home. But beauty isn’t about creating a cookie-cutter, “straight from a magazine” home. It’s about incorporating the things you like in such a way that you feel comfortable, safe and secure. It’s about putting down roots, making a space functional and mentally telling yourself that it’s okay to settle in. It’s about creating a home to make memories in.

So just how do you create a home for yourself and your family? There are 3 things that I always remember:

  1. Find pieces you love. Don’t just settle for generic style. Anything that you put in your home should be a reflection of who you are and what you believe in.

  2. Don’t feel confined to one style. There are many ways to blend styles using coordinating colors and shapes. If you like it, get it and find a way to make it work. There are plenty of resources online that show you how to style an eclectic, bohemian home space. If you need some extra help or advice, feel free to shoot us an email (support@notyourmamasvintage.com). We would love to give you some tips.

    The Mad (Wo)Men Home Collection

  3. Remember that change is fine. If you get tired of a piece or a style that you’ve decorated with, it’s okay to change it out. It’s your home. You have the right to change your style as many times as you like. 

Your house is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. You deserve to be able to make it into the home you want. Take a look at our two home collections and see if you can find a few good pieces to add to your shelves: The Mad (Wo)Men Home Collection, a selection of mid-century modern decor and house ware finds, and the The Au Natural Home Collection, earthen pieces that give your home a warm and grounded look. And if you have any questions for us, email us at support@notyourmamasvintage.com. Happy styling!

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