Fall 2018 Fashion Trends to Shop: The Lighter-Weight Jacket

Shop the Look: The Lighterweight Jacket
The weather is so uncertain. There’s record breaking heat in the Northeast and rain and flooding in the Midwest. So you might be reluctant to pull out the sweaters and scarves yet (I don’t think I even packed mine up from last year). But fear not! There are some lighter weight jackets that you can wear, even on the most unpredictable of days. We came up with this jacket/short combo for a couple of reasons. First, long jackets look cute with shorts. The contrasting lengths make legs look great and with a nice pair of heels you have the perfect outfit for a fun night out. Second, it’s a great transitional outfit. You can easily switch out the shorts and wear a pair of skinny jeans for a cooler weather look. Take a look at these vintage pieces below and shop them by clicking the image. And let us know in the comments how you would style and jacket/short look.
Vintage Striped Blazer by Kelly Stryker
1. The Lighter-weight Jacket
There are no laws against wearing a jacket in the summer but that doesn’t mean that you dust off that wool number. A lighter-weight jacket is thin enough to wear when the temp is 90+ and thick enough to ward of an office chill. Plus this one is cotton, which is definitely a more breathable fabric.
Vintage Sleeveless Boat Neck Crop Top
2. The Cropped Top
When I say cropped, I don’t mean belly showing. But it’s shorter than the normal shirt length so it’s perfect for higher waist bottoms. This is a great layering piece and the material transitions from warm to cool weather easily.
Vintage Pleated Front Shorts by Gap
3. The “Not-So-Short” Shorts
I hate booty-showing shorts. Even when I was younger, smaller and more willing to wear them, they never appealed to me. At the same time, I don’t want to date myself with mom shorts-those that lie at that awkward place between butt and Bermuda. So for those of you like me, these are perfect. They have a higher waistline and behind coverage and don’t look ridiculous is you try to wear them a few more times into the fall.

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