Women Who Create, No. 1: Tarae Maye on Dreaming

Women Who Create, No. 1: Tarae Maye on DreamingWomen Who Create, No. 1: Tarae Maye on Dreaming
Everyone has dreams. Some people dream about being the first to graduate from college. Others dream about a life of financial security and prosperity. These dreams, or visions, help move us from one life goal to the next. It's our right to not only want a better life for ourselves, but to be able to achieve all of the goals needed to get there.

Today, we asked our model, Tarae Maye, what her definition of the word dream means. Tarae is the founder of the Doing Something Little movement, which hosts a podcast, Doing Something Little, and seeks to see little blessings spread into the lives of others.This is how she answered: 

When the word “dream” comes to mind I imagine myself floating next to a long table with different types of food from around the world. Of course I’m wearing a long chiffon dress in this dream-food and chiffon are my two most favorite things!

Since a dream is just a series of thoughts or visions, the word takes on multiple meanings for me. From being a speaker at a TED Talks event to having coffin bread in Taiwan, the possibilities are endless. 

Dreams are life experiences, both present and future, and nothing has more value than the encounters we gain from that. This is so deeply ingrained in me that I find myself dreaming about the experiences that I want to happen in my life. I often find myself saying ‘I had a dream I was doing this’ and that’s when I know my dreams are turning into reality! It's like deja vu in real life!

What to Do to Stop Procrastinating and Start Chasing Your Dreams 

1. Write down your dream.

There is power and permanency in writing down your dreams. It helps to solidify that dream as becoming a reality in your life. Get a post it note and tape that dream on your mirror so that you can see it and begin to visualize it.

2. Be specific.

Make that dream as specific as possible. When there's too much room for ambiguity, a dream can quickly become unbelievable. And it you don't believe it, it won't happen.

3. List some basic steps to get you started on your dream.

Come up with at least 3 things that you can do within the first 90 days to get you started on your dreams. Forward momentum will keep you motivated and get you closer to achieving what you want. 

What are some of your biggest dreams? Shoot us an email to support@notyourmamasvintage.com and let us know how you're working to achieve them. We would love to feature you in future posts. And feel free to reach out to Tarae for more information about her, her dreams and her business! 

IG: @beester04 & @doingsomethinglittle
Facebook: Taraye Maye & Doing Something Little
Website: www.doingsomethinglittle.com


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