1. I love your shop. Who runs it?  

    Not Your Mama's Vintage is a two-woman show, with my mom and I (Kara) as the ladies behind it. My mom, 
    Althie, does the product listings and the majority of the sewing and mending, while I do the majority of the concept creating and sourcing. To find out more about our shop and our motivation, click here

  2. What exactly do you sell? 

    We sell vintage, handmade and up-cycled clothing, accessories, home goods, and original finds that we make and curate ourselves. To start shopping with us, visit our clothing section.

  3. What's your favorite decade to shop from? A true vintage lover has their favorites! 

    I love to find pieces from the 1960's! Whether it's clothing or housewares, it's all very distinct. It's when we really became expressive and exploratory with our style. But I will admit, mixing 80's and 90's trends with current looks is kind of our specialty.

  4. Do you honestly like every find you source for the shop? There has to be something that's just not your favorite. 

    I do! That wasn't always the case, though. At first, I felt like I had to buy things that I thought were cliché to the period. I remember finding this strapless velvet dress with this awful pattern down the front and this taffeta layered skirt. It was so horrible! Let's just say it didn't sell and I quickly donated it to my local thrift shop. I've also begun to run all of my finds past the eyes of mom before I get them. She's my voice of reason, so if she likes it I know it's great. 

  5. Do you clean every piece that comes through your shop? I have a dirt phobia. 

    Just about every piece that comes into our shop is cleaned. We wash most pieces of clothing on a gentle cycle before we send them out and clean our home pieces as soon as we get them. When an item is strictly a dry clean only piece (sequins, wool, etc), we will steam the item prior to shipping. You will be responsible for having that piece professionally dry cleaned.

  6. I'm new to shopping for vintage. How can I use vintage (or even handmade or up-cycled) pieces to add to my style? 

    The key to shopping for vintage, whether it's for clothing or house hold pieces, is to find those staple items that build the core of your style and then add vintage accents. The more vintage accents you add, the more you form your signature style. For more ideas on how to incorporate more vintage into your lifestyle, visit our blog.

  7. The up-cycled finds are so unique. What made you start up-cycling pieces?

    According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the average American throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles a year. 85% of that waste sits in our landfills. Now, I'm not the most earth-conscious person in the world, but I feel like if I can affect as least one thing that could potentially eliminate waste on this planet, that's what I should do. And I love coming up with ways to recreate unused goods!
  8. Where do you get your unique finds from? They blend so well into my style!

    EVERYWHERE! I shop estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales, and markets to find our unique finds. I have also been known to pick from trash from the side of the road! 
  9. If that's all you do to source finds, why should I shop from you? I can do that myself! 

    There is more to what we do than just shop. We research current looks for the season. We come up with concepts and a shopping list. Then we work to source all of the pieces we need. Part of what makes NYMV unique is that we don't just put individual pieces on our site-we put up complete looks. This requires us to shop from multiple places, which most people don't have time to do. We help you by taking the work out of your hands! 

  10. How often do you get 'new' finds? Should I visit the site every day? 

    We are constantly shopping for new items, so it's best to shop daily! Most of our finds are one-of-a-kind so you don't want to miss out on the unique pieces we list. 

  11. The pieces look great on the picture. What condition do you sell your finds in? 

    Vintage, handmade and up-cycled items add character to any space, but often come with minor imperfections. The condition of each item will be indicated in the description as either 'great' or 'excellent'. If the item is in 'great' condition, there might be minor imperfections, but not enough to affect the style of the piece.  If the item is in 'excellent' condition, minimal imperfections can be seen. Visit our Sizing, Condition, and Gift Wrapping page for more information.

  12. Where do you get your models? They look like real people! 

    That's because they are real people! We want to show how real people can live their lives while using our vintage, up-cycled and handmade finds. Plus, we add extra perks like free access to the pictures we take, discounts in the shop and features on our blog. For more information on how you or your home can be one of our models, click here.

  13. I want to make sure I don't get anything too small? How do you measure the size of your finds? 

    For each description, we include both the size marked on the garment label (if available) as well as the measurements. Depending on the item, we measure for shoulder width, bust, waist, hip, rise, inseam, as well as garment and sleeve length. On all clothing measurements, we take the width measurement on a flat surface and double it for the total width. Do you know how to take your measurements? Read our blog post on how to measure for the perfect fit. 

  14. Do you offer gift wrapping? I'm getting this as a present. 

    Yes, we do! For an additional $5 fee, you can have your purchase gift wrapped in our signature hand-painted watercolor craft paper. Each package is exclusive to the designer and adds character and charm to any gift. We will also include a personal sentiment from you, tied onto the gift with the cutest bowed ribbon ever! (please add on additional time for shipping; for more information, visit our shipping page). 

  15. I need some advice before I make my purchase online. Is there an easy way to get that? 

    We would love to help you out! Just click the chat window at the bottom left hand corner of the page to have a heart-to-heart, girlfriend chat with one of our stylists. From there, we will give you style suggestions and answer questions about anything from fit to color to if it will coordinate with something you already own. That’s it! And you don’t have to sit and wait for an email back or a phone to answer. Want to know how it works? Try it out now!

  16. I would love to shop with you in person. Where are you located? 

    Right now, we are only open online. Hopefully, that will be changing soon. 

  17. Do you ever pop-up anywhere? There are some pieces that I want to see in real life. 

    Yes! We pop up at different markets and shops around the Dallas area. To find out where we will be at next, visit our Pop-Ups and Events page. 

  18. I'm looking for something very specific. Do you offer a personal shopping service? 

    Do you need help shopping for vintage pieces to add to your wardrobe or collection? Or help completing your gift list? Then sign up for Friends Shop. Friends Shop is our online, personal vintage shopping service. We take your list of wants and do the hard work to find what you need. Simply sign up here to get started. 

  19. I've found something I can't live without! Where do you ship? 

    Currently, we ship items throughout the United States and its territories. We do not offer international shipping at this time.

  20. How long will it take my finds to get to me? I want to start using them ASAP.  

    We offer priority mail shipping through the United States Postal Service to ensure that you receive your shipment within 1-5+ business days. Most people in the continental US will get their package within 1-3 business days. If you are in an outlying territory, your shipment may take longer. Tracking information is sent to every customer for your convenience.

  21. Do you ever offer free shipping? I would like to buy a lot from you! 

    Yes, we do! We offer free standard shipping using USPS Priority Mail on purchase of $40 or more (pre-tax). This option will automatically generate during checkout when eligible. 

  22. Something happened to my shipment? What do I do? 

    If your package does not arrive, please reference your respective shipping company or law enforcement agency. While we aren't responsible for lost or stolen packages, we will provide whatever information is needed to help you resolve the issue. 

  23. My pieces just didn't work out. Do you offer returns? 

    Yes, you are able to send your items back for a shopping credit, redeemable on your next purchase. For more information, visit our return policy page.

  24. What's the best way to contact you? Let's keep in touch!

    We would love for you to join the NYMV Circle of Friends Community! Sign up for our email list and receive new item and promotion alerts, as well as access to our Facebook community. Join the Circle of Friends by clicking here.

  25. I love what I purchased from you! How to I leave a review?

    If you have shopped with us, we will send you a follow up email, thanking you for your purchase and asking you to leave us a review. Reviews let us know how we are doing and what kind of product you like. Please make sure to click the link to fill out and submit your review. 

  26. How are you working to improve the world we live in? I believe in small businesses that give back! 

    We want to make our mark on the lives of others, and since my mom and I are both single parents, we really want to focus on helping other single parents. A percentage of the purchases made through NYMV, as well as all donated shopping credits, will go towards a holiday event we are planning for single moms. Jump on our email list for more information. 

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