Our mission at Not Your Mama's Vintage has been to create opportunities for you to shop beautifully curated selections of vintage, handmade and up-cycled clothing, accessories and home finds. To understand each piece, we provide detailed descriptions that include the measurements and condition of the item.

Clothing Measurements 
For each description, we include both the size marked on the garment label (if available) as well as the measurements. Depending on the item, we measure for shoulder width, bust, waist, hip, rise, inseam, as well as garment and sleeve length. On all clothing measurements, we take the width measurement on a flat surface and double it for the total width. Do you know how to take your measurements? Read our blog post on how to measure for the perfect fit. 

Home Measurements 

Items in our home section will either be measured by height, width, depth and diameter (if applicable). If the item is tapered, then the widest part of the item is the diameter measurement. 

Vintage, handmade and upcycled items add character to any space, but often come with minor imperfections. The condition of each item will be indicated in the description as either 'great' or 'excellent'. If the item is in 'great' condition, there might be minor imperfections, but not enough to affect the style of the piece.  If the item is in 'excellent' conditionminimal imperfections can be seen. 

Gift Wrapping 

For an additional $5 fee, you can have your purchase gift wrapped in our signature hand-painted watercolor craft paper. Each package is exclusive to the designer and adds character and charm to any gift. We will also include a personal sentiment from you, tied onto the gift with the cutest bowed ribbon ever!*

*Please allow for additional time for shipping. See  SHIPPING INFORMATION  for more details. 

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